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Hire Us Today For Your Website Services

The look and feel of your blog determines how long people stay on your site. 

If you hate the look of your blog, it’s high time you give it a touch of perfection.

Your blog or business blog can look much better than what it is right now, we can help with that if we work together. 

A well designed blog with widgets professionally arranged and easy navigation's can help you in gaining constant visitors. 

In the word of the wise, that  first impression counts on a site; and if your site looks like an infected football pitch, I can bet no players will score a goal on that pitch.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about posting articles and also stress on your blog’s design. 

Work on your content while we improve your design.

I can help your blogger blog with the followings:


  • Blogger Search Engine Optimization - (S.E.O)
ElochiBlog Blogger SEO
I will optimize and setup your blogger blog full SEO. I will work on your blog contents for it to be getting search engine traffic. 

Submit your blog to Google, Yandex and Bing search engines
As well, setup your robot.txt, sitemaps, web structure and other technical settings . 

Do the On-page SEO and also offer you the necessary Off-page SEO you need
The Off-page SEO includes: Complete Site Audit, Link Building and Backlinks.

  • Speed-Up The Load Time Of Your Blogger Blog

blogger page speed

Does your Blogger blog loads very slow or even take forever to load? 

Worry no more because I can speedup your Blogger blog load time. 

I hope you know Page load time plays a serious role in SEO and helps in Page Ranking.
I will also setup and activate Cloudflare on your blogger blog to allow Glo Users for easy accessing of your blog. 

Contact me today and get that slow blog fast and running.

  • Design Your Blogger Blog 
blogger blog design

I will design your already created Blogger blog to your taste, or use a premium template with a responsive design and nice colors combinations.

Also I will integrate your purchased Custom Domain name and park it to your blog.  

Trust me, You will love my work.


  • How To Open And Create A Blogger Blog? 
how to create a blog
Are you new to blogger or you want to become a blogger and you don't know how to create and design a blogger blog? 

We can help you with that including purchasing a domain name and parking it to your blog.

Do You Need A Blog Like Mine (Elochi.com.ng)?

I can create and design a photocopy of my blog Elochi.com.ng for you with all it features and goodies inside. 

You can check here for more info about my official blog Template design and its features.


    • Redirect your old domain to a new one using 301 redirect, so you won't lose your link juice and rankings.
    • Change your .blogspot.com to yourname.com
    • Create a custom Email address for you using your domain name, e.g: [email protected] No additional charges, its free for Life.
    • Provide you Blogger features as per your request.
    • Grow your social media account networks.
    • Become your blog Author, I can write good and quality SEO Optimized Article for you.
      • Offer you quality Backlinks and Link Building Services.
      •  Create a Verified PayPal and Payoneer accounts for you to send, receive and withdraw money.
      • And Many others which I can't remember now.
      Are you interested in any of the jobs I offer above?

      Kindly Contact Me Via:
      We hope in doing business with you. 

      Allen Elochukwu - Elochi.com.ng

      Last Updated: 01/Jan/2021.